Friday, April 19, 2024

Mid Atlantic Angler’s Fall short in making the final day of the 2015 Bassmaster Classic



Well the second day here at the Bassmaster Classic has concluded. The top twenty five anglers are getting things all buttoned up to make a run at the top standings and it all ends tomorrow.
Jeff Lugar and Brandon Gray both ended up having more success on the second day of competition. It was much warmer today and most of the pros stated that it helped the fishing improve. Brandon told us that during practice the water he was targeting was how he liked it for this time of year. His practice days were very successful; averaging fourteen to sixteen pounds a day back before the cut off. The arctic blast of freezing air this week changed the water temperature drastically. That changing water temperature made him seek out additional water to target. That was the story for many fishermen fishing this week.
These Virginia fishermen managed to find fish while battling the freezing temperatures this weekend. Both tried to find something on Lake Hartwell to help remind them of some of their home bodies of water. It might not have gone the way they wanted it too because every angler that comes here has one thing in mind; that thing is winning. Sometimes you just fall short. You could tell in both of the anglers attitudes that they were excited to make the classic and enjoying their time here at the classic. The Virginia Federation guys will be hanging around the classic expo on the third day of competition so come by and say hello!


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