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First Look: Rapala Skitter V Topwater Lure by Walker Smith October 20,16


First Look: Rapala Skitter V Topwater Lure

Walker Smith

October 20,2016

Originally designed for inshore gamefish, this new lure is also a great option for topwater bass fishing.

I use saltwater lures for bass fishing quite a bit. I fish a lot of highly pressured lakes and the unfamiliarity that comes with these lures can result in some incredible days on the water. In fact, I spend a large part of my vacation scouring the local saltwater tackle shops for potential big bass producers. My family might even get a little annoyed by it.

After several months of testing the new Rapala Skitter V, I’ve found it to be a stellar option for coaxing big topwater bites from otherwise lethargic bass. Its fishability and unique sound have proven to be quite impressive.

Below are my thoughts on this new lure.


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