Russ Lane shows off his rigged swimbait and walks through how to rig it this way step by step with whatever weight you want to match the depth you’re fishing / David A. Brown

One Trick for Short Striking Swimbait Bass

David A. Brown

Tuesday at 1:00 AM

Russ Lane gives his quick tip on rigging a split belly swimbait with any size weight you prefer to cut down on short strikes.

Russ Lane’s a big fan of slinging swimbaits when bass fishing for fun and for a living, but he knows attacking bass can pull back on the throttle moments before impact which leads to missed hookups with a swimbait. So, he devised a creative rigging method for his favorite swimbait, the Big Bite Baits BB Kicker for maximum appeal and grabbing power.

“I wanted a way to rig the swimbait to really come to life with a lot of action from nose to tail,” he said. “I also wanted a way to catch more of the short striking bass, because you’ll get a lot of fish that just come up and nip at your bait — even the big ones.”