First Look: Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rod By Walker Smith December 27,2016


First Look: Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rod

Walker Smith

December 27,2016

The new generation of Vendetta rods feature some intriguing design changes without compromising their attractive price point.

] I’ve always enjoyed testing affordable bass fishing gear. I’m not far-removed from my college days of saving for months in order to buy a new rod or reel, so I have a special appreciation for well-priced tackle. Fishing can be much more affordable than what many anglers might think.

Priced at $79.99, the new and improved Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods were designed to offer increased fishability and versatility to budget-minded anglers. I’ve had an opportunity to test several of them this year and based on my experiences, these rods are a solid buy if you’re looking to add a few extra lengths and actions to your lineup.