BOSS Swimbait Jighead Review By Jason Sealock February 1st 2017


BOSS Swimbait Jighead Review

Jason Sealock


Jason shares one of his favorite swimbait jigheads for versatility and strong hookups.

I get asked a lot what swimbait jighead I use for most of my swimbaits. Truth is I use a variety as I’ve found different heads work better on different styles of swimbaits. But probably the one I use more than any other just because of its unassuming stature but solid hook is the BOSS Swimbait Jighead.

I’ve been using this swimbait head since it first came out. I use it on umbrella rig swimbaits and single swimbaits alike. I had some custom made in 3/4-ounce for fishing bigger baits out deep. But day in and day out, I use the 1/2-ounce size the most and probably the 3/8-ounce size the next most.