How a Rubber Band Solves Many Fishing Problems By Jason Sealock February 7,2017


How a Rubber Band Solves Many Fishing Problems

Jason Sealock

February 7,2017

Jason Sealock shares a bunch of quick fishing tweaks and tricks you can do with a simple small rubberband.

We all appreciate simple fixes to common fishing problems. Fishing should be fun, but at times, it can be frustrating when you’re dealing with constant little annoyances with tackle or artificial lures not staying rigged properly. For things that annoy us in fishing, there are many ways to work around. A lot of guys keep super glue in their boat to solve a lot of problems. But I’ve found a real simple, cheap and mess free item anglers should keep on hand for a lot of common fishing problems or to give yourself some new options.

A rubber band can solve a lot of fishing problems and make some old fishing lures, act like new.

I’m not talking about big rubber bands, although those can work, but those crafty making bracelet making rubber bands you can find at Walmart and just about any craft store in multiple colors and buy one bag for about a buck that will last you many fishing seasons.

Here are a few simple solutions with small rubber bands for your common fishing needs: