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Catch More Fish with Craws
This issue highlights our craws that can help you catch more fish and how our pro staff rigs them.
Battle Bug
Designed by Mike McClelland with a subtle swimming action and long antennas to give a large profile.  Great on a Texas rig, Swing Head or jig trailer.
A great choice when you want some swimming action in a crawdad. Compact at 3.5″ inches and will swim with the slightest movement of your rod.  Michael Neal loves it on a finesse jig.
 Real Deal Craw
Designed by Russ Lane and available in 11 colors.  The RD colors are hand painted in real craw dad patterns.  Russ really likes HD color 02 for early Spring.  The red highlights on this color are great this time of year.
 How many Real Deal Craws do you see?
 Swimming Craw
This craw also has a great swimming action.  Check out our 3 new  colors for 2017!
Got Questions? Call the Coach
Do you have product or rigging questions about our baits?  Call the “the Coach”, Les Bratcher at 877-222-7429 on Monday, Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8am-4pm cst.
Russ Lane loves our new dark gray hoodie!
$39.99-$44.99 available in sizes S-3XL. 

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