First Look: Gene Larew Punch Out Craw By Walker Smith February 23,2017


First Look: Gene Larew Punch Out Craw

Walker Smith

Thursday at 8:00 AM

This versatile soft plastic works excellently for a variety of techniques. It has a great action and holds up quite well to multiple fish catches.

Since it was announced at ICAST, I’ve been hearing a lot about this new Punch Out Craw from Gene Larew. Several of my fishing buddies have been using it with a great deal of success and they were most impressed by its versatility in a number of different situations. So naturally, I had to get my hands on a few packs to see if this bait lived up to all of the hype.

After using it extensively for the past several months and catching lots of nice bass with it, I’ve developed a lot of confidence in this bait. If you’re looking to simplify your soft plastic selection, I think it’s worth careful consideration.