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More Personal than a Gift Card


More Personal than a Gift Card

Unless that gift card is for a sporting goods store, put a bow on something “reel”.  

Minneapolis, MN (November 22, 2022) – After consulting with Santa – who is rumored to fish glacial waters in the offseason – we prepared a list of legitimate fishing gear that won’t find the return counter on December 26th. Let’s get right into it…

Whitewater Lightweight Tech Hoodie

Whitewater’s new Lightweight Tech Hoodie delivers a triple dose of technology to keep anglers dry, protected from solar radiation, and smelling fresh. 100% polyester interlock fabric delivers supreme, next-to-skin comfort, while wicking perspiration to keep anglers comfy and dry. UPF 30 provides both UVA and UVB skin protection that effectively blocks over 96% of ultraviolet radiation. Finally, an antimicrobial treatment controls and prevents odors, including the permastink that can infiltrate untreated polyester garments. Say hello to your new favorite fishing or gym shirt.

Shocking buy at $34.99

Blocker Outdoors Paradigm Jacket

Lightweight, agility, warmth and reliability are key features needed when you venture into the outdoors. The Paradigm jacket not only meets those needs but exceeds them. Doubling as a layering piece or pure outerwear, the DWR treatment and ripstop fabric give this jacket toughness as well as water protection. The insulated and smooth poly spandex fabric and stretch panels provide durability and warmth for ice fishing, cold weather boating, or shopping for other fishing gifts.

Special Priced at $64.99

Canvas Cutter Summit Bedroll

Adventure angling is a thing. Pack light, break brush, and get into remote fishing Narnias where only chickadees or toucans travel. But you need to flop a night or two to make the trek worth it. Canvas Cutter’s hyper-packable Summit Bedroll is built on 210D ripstop nylon, making small rocks and rough ground less threatening to the sleep system. Seams are taped and the entire nylon shell is coated in a highly breathable TPU film, providing protection and dry sleeping conditions during stormy weather. A built-in mesh screen thwarts blackflies…or the dreaded Tsetse fly. Paracord D-loops at the four corners and above the head and foot allow you to use the Summit without a pole system.

From $335

Daiwa D-VEC Soft-Sided Coolers

From the inside out, the convenient coolers contain a no-seam liner buffered by soft insulation between it and the outer material. Seamlessness promotes durability and eliminates cracking. On the outside, the Soft-Sided Cooler is protected with a long-lasting marine vinyl, which is easily washed clean. The zippered top opens wide for easy access and folds down and snaps into place for transport. Three sizes available.

From $49.99

MINELAB Go-Find 22

Metal detecting and fishing go together? Absolutely. Pretty much everything we throw, and lose, sports some metal. Moreover, metal detecting is the perfect companion activity – combing beaches on vacation, picking apart picnic areas, and running the banks of streams, rivers and lakes for all sorts of surprises. Experience the excitement of treasure discovery with the GO-FIND 22. Ultra-lightweight and simple to operate, it’s about getting the whole family involved. Designed for people of all ages, the GO-FIND 22 is ideal for your next adventure. Start detecting today.

Around $130

Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G3 PT

For on-the-go anglers, whether it be via smaller watercraft like jon-style boats, canoes or kayaks, it’s tough to beat the features-to-value ratio of the Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G3 PT. It also makes a great travel fish-finder for taking on trips where boats are rented or fly-ins are involved. With built-in AutoChart, mapping uncharted waters is a breeze and makes finding fish a lot easier. The portable HELIX 5 also features a 5-inch widescreen color display, Dual Spectrum CHIRP 2D sonar, internal GPS with Humminbird Basemap and AutoChart Live built-in, and compatibility with LakeMaster® and Navionics premium fishing charts. Take all these features on the go thanks to a portable shuttle, carrying bag, battery, charger and suction cup transducer.

MSRP $469.99

Minn-Kota Endura MAX 55

For operators of smaller boats or square-transom canoes who fish hard-to-reach waters, nothing beats the precision, transom-control of the Minn Kota Endura MAX 55, which provides 55-pounds of thrust yet requires only one 12-volt battery. Available in either a 36- or 42-inch shaft length, the Endura MAX 55 has seen action around the globe and is considered the most durable, reliable, and hard-working transom-mount motor on the water. It also features a Lever Lock Bracket with 10 positions, including a quick-release. A telescoping tiller provides easy and comfortable operation of the motor whether in forward or reverse speed setting.

MSRP $309.99 

Cannon Mini-Troll Manual Downrigger

Tired of using tons of in-line lead to reach—but only sometimes catch—deep fish? Make the plunge into the world of downriggers with the affordable and easy-to-use Cannon Mini-Troll. Featuring a horizontal reel/brake, 100’ of 135-pound of stainless-steel cable and a swivel-head depth counter, there’s no extensive boat rigging required. Simply clamp to your gunwale and go! Clip your line into the ‘rigger and discover how easy fishing (and catching) deep or thermocline-hugging fish can be… Also, the perfect size for smaller boats, canoes, and kayaks!

MSRP $99.99

Heat Hog 18,000 BTU LP Portable Heater

Looking for a better ice fishing and hunting propane heater? We were too… Then we discovered the indoor/outdoor safe, 18,000 BTU Heat Hog. It features a piezo-ignited pilot and shield, tilting and adjustable heat angles, curved plaques for greater heating area, and a rear dock where two additional 1-pound propane cylinders are warmed to optimize their BTUs when screwed into place. Also available in a smaller 9,000 BTU model.

MSRP’s $180 and $120

Daiwa D-VEC Dry Bag Backpack

Tactically hardcore on the outside, the 100% waterproof bag is constructed with light but durable Tarpaulin/Nylon PVC coated material to resist wear and tear. Despite the ruggedness, the Dry Bag Backpack material is surprisingly soft, and overall weight is not burdensome. All seams are robustly reinforced, too, knowing that users will push spatial limits. Features a topside handle, padded shoulder strap and rollover snap design.

MSRP $79.99

EGO S2 Slider Landing Nets

EGO says the S2 Slider is the “most advanced handle extension on the planet,” and it’s hard to argue. The interchangeable system accommodates over 30 net heads, accessories, and handles. To that, there’s a combined 19 hoop sizes and mesh types to choose from. We’re partial to the flat-bottom, PVC coated mesh models. They properly support and protect the fish for clean releases of respected sportfish while also lessening hook tangles

From $109.99

Future Angler Foundation

You can give the gift of helping secure the future of recreational fishing and boating through a donation to the Future Angler Foundation (FAF). The non-profit supports angler education and boating safety programs hosted by passionate and knowledgeable volunteers throughout the U.S. and through its “Getting Families Fishing” initiative, a series of free source digital educational programs developed to engage young anglers and boaters in an exciting, informative, and effective manner.

Daiwa Tatula XT

This is the one. The rod anglers are calling the “$100 rod that fishes like a $300 rod.” That’s not hyperbole. Available at select tackle shops, the Tatula XT series – designed for beginner and savvy anglers, and those just discovering the thrill of tournament bass fishing – includes nine casting and six spinning models for everything from finesse baits in clear water to casting frogs with heavy braided line in thick cover. Tatula XT rods include lightweight and powerful HVF (High Volume Fiber) graphite blank technology, X45 Bias and Braiding-X blank construction to prevent rod twist for longer casts, added sensitivity, and more hook-setting power.

MSRP $99.99

Daiwa Tatula Casting Combo

Up the ante of gifting a rod alone? Go with a combo, a premium bass fishing combo. Daiwa matches a proven baitcasting reel with the right action and length rod to create the new Tatula Casting Combo. The lineup includes high-speed 7.3:1 gear ratio Tatula 100CT reels in either right- or left-hand retrieves mounted on a 7-foot or 7-foot-3-inch Daiwa-designed graphite rod. The Tatula 100CT features Daiwa’s T-Wing System (TWS) for long casts and reduced backlashes. The high-speed reel matches with a 7-foot medium action rod for jig and worm rigs, small/medium crankbaits, and topwater action. When combined with the 7-foot-3 medium-heavy rod, the 100CT is ideal for all-around bass fishing action, including fishing heavy cover and casting bigger spinnerbaits and small swimbaits. Both rods offer all-day fishing comfort from their EVA split grip handle.

MSRP $229.99

ENGEL Livebait/Drybox Cooler

Fraught with bait management and life-support features. The new hang tray makes fetching your bait and changing the water a breeze. Powerful Gen2 2-speed 2X2 Air Pump keeps the water fully aerated, while the insulated cooler shields expensive bait from the elements. Plug into your car or boat’s cigarette lighter using a 12V adapter to run the pump overnight and keep bait fresh for the next morning. Quality Injection Molded (PP Copolymer) insulated with High-Grade molded Polystyrene foam. Airtight EVA gasket seal. All fittings secured with stainless steel screws for saltwater use. Stain and odor resistant. Non-absorbent surface cleans easily. Flexible silicone hose and weighted air stone for lively bubbling action. Available from kayak-sized 7.5 quart to oceanic 30-quart version.

From $94.99

Northland Rumble Shad

Northland Fishing Tackle® made a splash in the premium hardbait category with the Rumble crankbait series designed by chief bait designer Jarmo Rapala. The Rumble Shad is formed of balsawood through the unique Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process and features a welded through wire construction from the tie eye to the tail. Designed to imitate shad, perch and bluegills, the bait features a tight action, whether cast and retrieved or trolled behind the boat. The Rumble Shad is available in 15 artisan colors, from match-the-hatch patterns to vibrant custom paint themes. From largemouth and smallmouth bass to walleyes and basically everything that eats meat, Northland’s Rumble Shad will be a welcomed addition to any stocking.

MSRP $9.99


Ever Green CR-Series Crankbaits

Ever Green has the water column covered. Shallow to deep running, you can trust the CR-Series to pinpoint the range and perform perfectly at every step along the way. Available in five depth-range models – CR-6, CR-8, CR-10, CR-13 and CR-16 – all versions quickly suss out an extensive area for active fish. Known for their superior casting range, CR-Series baits remain surprisingly light for comfortable reeling all day. The CR’s also possess a well-defined swimming action with unrivaled balance, dead-ringer shad profile, accurate eyeballs, scale and gill patterns, dastardly sharp hooks, and durable diving bills. 17 patterns to choose from.

From $14.99  

Bagley Sunny B

The longtime champion of shallow running crankbaits. (Just ask the pros.) Based on balsawood, the uniquely shaped Bagley Sunny B is precision balanced to cast easily and run true, whether retrieved fast or slow, with eye-popping vibration. It also provides maximum action when twitched – just like a bait fish darting to escape a predator. The two-inch Sunny B crankbait runs down to seven-feet with a deep diving lip profile and comes in an impressive 18 bass-centric colors.

MSRP $9.99


Northland IMPULSE Jig’n Leech

North country anglers understand the witchcraft of a live leech on just about everything. Regrettably, though, live leeches are painfully expensive and oftentimes scarce. Fortuitously, Northland has cloned them. The powerfully scented IMPULSE Jig’n Leech sports an oversized head for rigging and wafer-thin ribbed tail that undulates like the real McCoy. Just thread the bulging head and torso securely onto a weighted jig with a barbed bait-holding collar, like Northland’s Deep-Vee Jig or MVP Jig, and get to work. Fish close to the bottom on the cast, drift or troll. Also effective on a dropshot rig.

MSRP $5.99 (12 pack)

Northland Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs

If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck…or maybe a frog, loon, lab rat, blackbird or baby turtle. At least that’s what the bass say. These dedicated surface smashers don’t discriminate against much of anything struggling or stroking on the surface that represents a square meal. With topwater mayhem on the mind, Northland brings forth the Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs. The premium baits are heralded for their high hookup ratios, super weedless design, stout and sharp hooks, and expertly crafted patterns. Both models are available in 10 patterns.

MSRP $9.99


Northland Elite Series MVP Jig

Since day one, Northland’s mission has always been the same—to build a better bait for everyday anglers and pros alike. That’s why they’ve partnered with best-in-class hook manufacturer Gamakatsu on the Elite Series MVP Jig. The jig features a Gamakatsu Jig 90 Big River hook with a large gap and acute bend that offers great holding power, locking fish in place. Whether fishing soft plastics or upsized live bait—you’re going to want to give the new Elite Series MVP Series Jig a shot. From vertical fishing to pitching or “strolling,” it’s got a hook that’s simply unforgiving and keeps fish buttoned. Available in four sizes and 14 fishy colors.

MSRP $6.49 (3 pack)

Northland Glass Buck-Shot Spoon

They’re flying off the shelves. No joke, as Joe would say. Northland’s highly anticipated Glass Buck-Shot Spoon is constructed of a lead frame and features a high-pitched glass rattle. Its sonic vibrations are unique to the hardwater world. A natural, semi-translucent hard resin protects their marvelous paintjobs against scratches and chips. Available in three sizes and eight proven colors.

MSRP $9.99


Northland Rigged Tungsten Jigs

Anglers looking to get a jump on the hardwater panfish season are absolutely going to love Northland’s new Tungsten Rigged Jigs. With dense heads, a trio of enticing shapes and two sizes, bluegill, crappie, yellow perch and other popular panfish can’t resist, these offerings touch all the bases. Heavy-for-their size tungsten jigs are all the rage in ice-fishing circles these days and Northland leads the way with several versatile shapes and sizes, including the Rigged Tungsten Bloodworm, Rigged Tungsten Mini Smelt and Rigged Tungsten Mayfly options. Each features a Tungsten Mud Bug jighead and soft, ultra-realistic body. Each model is available in two sizes and five proven color combinations.

MSRP $8.59 (2 rigged and 3 tails)

Eagle Claw Hook Kits

When in doubt…kit it out. The leading American brand in hooks and terminal tackle offers over 40 technique and species-specific fishing kits. The hand-selected kits are designed for grab-and-go fishing at its simplest.

Prices dependent on contents.

EGO Ti22 Titanium Fishing Pliers

There is a gift for the angler who has everything… The uber-premium The EGO Ti22 Titanium 7.5″ pliers are forged of lightweight, strong and corrosion proof titanium Replaceable tungsten steel cutters easily slice through skinny braid. Powerful teeth for maximum grip. Comes with a lightweight and saltwater friendly sheath and tether lanyard. Limited lifetime warranty.

MSRP $369

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