Chad Fara & Steven Lasher win CATT Old North Jordan Lake Qualifier with 5 bass weighing 21.45


Next up is the last 2023 Spring CATT Old North Qualifier at Falls Lake June 3rd! If you need 1 more Qualifier to make your 4 Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Old North Final June 3rd at Falls is your last chance!

Old North Spring Final $8,000 1st Place GUARANTEED!
Must enter 4 Old North Spring Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Old North Spring Final! To view the Old North Points go to the Old North Division page and scroll down to the bottom of the Division page!

We are a few days away from the 2023 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Lake May 20-21! $10,000 GUARANTEED to 1st Place but your winnings can be a lot more! 2020 Winners took home $24,000.00! 2021 Winners took home $17,00.00! 2022 Winners took home $29,000.00! Tap on the link to view details!

2023 CATT Academy Championship – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

Chad Fara & Steven Lasher win the Old North Jordan Lake Qualifier with 5 bass weighing 21.45 lbs! They took home $2,310.00!

Richard & Alec Lower 2nd with 19.36 lbs!

Lucas Lobaugh & Jeremy Moody 3rd with 18.42 lbs!

Dennis Reedy & Scott Smith 4th with 17.96 lbs and the 1st Academy BF at 7.25 lbs!

Mike Marchant and Braxton Marchant 5th with 16.76 lbs!

Keith Johnson & Jason Bowman 6th with 15.37 lbs!

Chad Fara – Steven Lasher6.2221.45$2,310.00110
Alec Lower – Richard Lower5.0119.36$750.00109
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody7.1618.52$1,108.00108
Dennis Reedy – Scott Smith 7.2517.96$842.00107
Mike Marchant – Bradley McLaurin5.8616.76$250.00106
Keith Johnson – Jason Bowman0.0015.37$175.00105
Daniel Dix – Andrew Stegal0.0014.94$150.00104
Rickey Parker – Brett Winborn0.0014.92103
Clay Ausley-  Ken McNeil0.0014.48102
Rick Dunstan – Mike Ferrell0.0013.99101
Jerry Marshburn – Chuck Byrd0.0013.71100
Josh Hooks – Zach Holland0.0013.4399
Mark Williams – Tim Goad0.0012.4198
David Hall – Dane Sallinger0.0012.2297
Terry Amen – Casey Johnson0.0011.1796
Matthew Jones – Sonny Tindal4.0911.1095
David Walton – Justin Young0.0011.0994
Mike & Jonathan Rhew5.0411.0493
Joe Osborne – John Piltcher0.009.6892
Tony Fofi – Mark Mohler0.008.9891
Eric Schell – Todd Smith0.008.0890
Mark Herndon – David Bullett0.007.5789
Matt Deese – Will White0.006.9888
Thomas Sheffer – Craig Leff0.006.5987
Bud Whitt – Brian Robinson0.004.8386
Roby Wyatt – Mike Prytula0.003.8785
Jeff Beasley – Park Beasley0.002.2984
Scott Woodson – Todd Staker0.000.0074
Johnny Howard – William Howard0.000.0074
Calton Hall – Jason Suggs0.000.0074
Scott Woodson – Todd Staker0.000.0074
James Wall – Michael Alverson0.000.0074
Johnny Wilder – Michael Harris0.000.0074
Owen Pinhollow – Tyler Goss0.000.0074
Todd Sumner – Rich Z0.000.0074
Dennis Allen – Keith Allen0.000.0074
Chad Craven – Ben Cannon0.000.0074
Tony Stanley – Chase Stanley0.000.0074
Total Entrys$5,040.00
BONUS $$1,500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,585.00
Old North 2023 Spring Final Fund$800.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$5,520.00