Noah Gilley & Craig Hula Win CATT James River, VA May 13, 2023


Next James River CATT is June 3rd out of RT -5!

I want to thank all of you that came out to fish. It was tougher than I thought it would be. But a ton of limits were still weighed in and some quality fish as well as limits came in. The next event will be out of Rt.5 on the Chickahominy River. As we get closer I’ll update anything that comes to me and I’ll do a few more live videos. I’m actually working on a space at home to do these videos where it’s a bit more professional. You guys deserve the best IMO and that’s what I’m here to try and make happen! Mark!

There are tons of more pictures on the CATT James River Facebook Page! Seach James River CATT and join the page!

Noah Gilley & Craig Hula brought in 17.83 to take 1st Place and $2,000.00!

Noah Gilley & Craig Hula4.9317.83$2,000.00110
John Koren & John Koren Jr5.7617.79$1,600.00109
Ryan & Wayne Drewery4.0916.95$1,170.00108
Jay Griffin & Dustin Burket5.3616.46$600.00107
Craig Cheek Billy Allen6.5416.17$1,090.00106
Donnie Hodge & Brad Colgin5.0916.13$350.00105
Luke & Logan Carson0.0015.73$310.00104
Joey Cooke & Justin Hall5.9615.29$450.00103
Frank & Warren Poirier0.0015.26$215.00102
Tom Owens & Rick Mistr4.0814.88$175.00101
Harvey Reese & Anthony Rustin0.0014.79$150.00100
Mike Hicks & Kyle Bolenske0.0013.79$140.0099
Kelly Robinette & Dave Barlow3.7113.57$120.0098
Clay Lewis & Greg Cooper0.0013.5297
Zack & Larry Whitt4.2113.5196
James Whitehead & Lynn Hoeffer4.5013.3995
Dan Warren & Chuck Comer0.0013.0794
James Nealy & Greg Ball0.0012.9593
Zabdyr & Mike4.3412.9192
Mike Caul & Bill Petzold0.0012.6791
Jeff Valentin & Daryl Moody0.0012.5690
Ken Kipler & Mario Avent0.0012.5089
Garrett Geouge0.0012.4888
Nathan Seymour & Jeff Powers0.0012.4587
Tripp Mistre0.0012.4486
Tom Hamilton & Mick Hendricks0.0012.4385
Travis Heath – Kevin Gregory2.5512.1884
Cory Dunnavant & Kenon Ball0.0011.9483
Howard Austin0.0011.9382
Stacy Vassar0.0011.9281
Dave Carney – John Dunn4.6911.9080
James McDowell0.0011.8179
Tim Chaffin & Trey Goodman0.0011.7878
Bo Boltz & Mickey Anderson0.0011.6877
Marshall Johnson & Ryan Lachniet0.0011.6776
Brent Williams – Justin Dyson0.0011.6075
Richard Rodriguez & Chuck Rackley0.0011.5474
Luke Elliston & Burke Lee0.0011.2873
Brian Brooks & Avery Powelson0.0011.2172
Joseph Carr & Bob Timberlake0.0010.7571
James Tilley & Andy Walker0.0010.6370
Donnie Meade & Travis Daniels0.0010.4769
Jared Williams & Alex Richard0.0010.4668
Jason Bishop3.8810.4567
James Calhoun4.6610.4066
Joey & Chris Deluke0.0010.0765
Tyler & Zach Meadows0.009.7964
Rodger & Renee Walters0.009.7663
Ed Jordan & Ed Jordan Jr0.009.3562
Neil & Rodney Allen0.009.2861
James Byrd & Mario Avent0.009.0660
Keith Smith & Chip Norford0.009.0459
James & Jimmy Condrey0.008.5558
Curtis and CJ Combs0.008.5257
Brian Snipes & Chris Cockrell0.007.9956
Bryan Keane0.007.9755
Charles Ramer & Ernest Revels0.007.6754
Tim Mitchem & Alex Buckhorn0.007.4253
Ron Woodfin & Chris Gammon0.000.0043
Walter Woodel & Frank Woodel0.000.0043
Michael Brannon & Jacob Compton0.000.0043
James Byrd & Mario Avent0.000.0043
Jake Kidd & Greg Fernandez0.000.0043
Linwood Shores0.000.0043
Steve & Billy Colgin0.000.0043
Total Entrys$7,560.00
BONUS $$1,250.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,370.00
2023 James River Spring Final Fund$350.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 James River Spring Final Fund Total$1,270.00