Jay Wright & Jody Wright Win CATT Lake Murray, SC June 10, 2023


We had a another great crowd Saturday at Dreher Island with 23 teams entering the 2nd CATT Summer Open on Lake Murray! We’ll do it again this coming Saturday at Dreher Island June 17! You can pay on line or at the ramp! $100 entry or $110 at the ramp! We offer 2 side pot at the Opens! $25 & $50. Your choice to enter on or both or none! Blast off will be at 6 am and we will determine weigh in at the ramp! As the weather heats up we will bring the teams in earlier than usual!

Jay Wright & Jody Wright weighed in 5 bass at 21.87 lbs talking the win at Lake Murray! They also weighed the Academy BF at 6.97 lbs and took home a total of $1,801.00!

Jody Wright – Jay Wright 6.9721.87$1,801.00
Justin Hadden – Sterling Banks6.3721.65$919.00
Scott Farmer – Jamie Rogers5.3721.11$300.00
Steve Wicker – Andy Wicker0.0019.27$100.00
Carson Krell – JT Frick4.5818.69
Chad Hastings0.0018.34
Bobby White – Chris Hereford5.3317.69
Brad Smith – Ronnie Scott4.3617.10
Ben Lee0.0016.22
Brad Rutherford – Matthew Peeler0.0016.20
Aaron Weed – Brandon Shealy3.8115.55
John Ray – Hank Ray0.0015.44
Winston Husband4.3514.55
Chris Gramling – Landon Gramling3.5014.39
Jonah Bickley – Bernie Dreher0.0011.07
Dave Franklin – Gunner Franklin0.000.00
Jeremy Medlock0.000.00
Josh Renebaum – Wade Amick0.000.00
Sandy Montgomery – Derrick McBride0.000.00
David White – Josh Pender0.000.00
Andrew R – Carson M0.000.00
Tyson Alvanos – Justin Collett0.000.00
James Durham – Tony Durham0.000.00