John Ray & Paul Selle Win CATT Lake Murray, SC Open June 17, 2023


Next Lake Murray CATT Open is June 24th at Dreher Island! $100 per team entry $110 at the ramp Optional $25 & $50 Side Pot!

We had another great crowd with 31 teams entering this weekend! The fishing has been great in June!

John Ray & Paul Selle win Murray with 5 bass weighing 23.13 lbs! They collected $1,950.00!

Wesley Sandifer & Jake Wright 2nd with 21.40 lbs!

Chris Neal & Chad Hastings 3rd Place 20.17 lbs!

Justin Steen & Dylan Sills 4th Place! 19.76 lbs!

Hamp Roland & Ray Fitzgerald 5th Place! 19.17 lbs!

Lane Lueller & Ronnie Mueller took 6th Place with 19.05 lbs!

Jeremy Rogers with the Academy BF at 6.57 lbs!

Travis Knight & Brian Upton with a nice un!

John Ray – Paul Selle5.6623.13$1,950.00
Wesley Sandifer – Jake Wright4.9821.40$500.00
Chad Hastings – Chris Neal4.2520.17$400.00
Dylan Sills – Justin Steen5.2019.76$300.00
Hamp Rowland – Ray Fitzgerald0.0019.17$200.00
Ronnie Mueller – Lane Mueller4.9419.05$100.00
Jeremy Rogers 6.5718.89$210.00
Kevin Banks – Wayne Jeffcoat5.8317.95$90.00
Brandon Stacey4.9316.77
Travis Knight – Brian Upton5.6116.53
Todd Huntley – Gibson Huntley0.0015.94
Bobby White – Trace White0.0015.89
George Berry4.2215.38
Roger Medlock0.0014.78
AJ Dipietro – Matt Mollohan5.4514.43
Bud Moss – John-Andrew Moss3.6713.13
Ben Lee0.0012.71
Andrew Blanton – Jonathan Hopkins0.0012.65
Bernie Dreher – Jonah Bickley3.3612.63
Michael Livingston – Butler Cochran0.0010.70
Timothy Ayers – Zach Siokos0.006.37
Mike King – Chris King0.000.00
Brett Collins & Mark Richardson0.000.00
Jeremy Medlock – Tommie Cochran0.000.00
Les Westberry – Paul Quattlebaum0.000.00
Hasten Mullinax0.000.00
Dave Franklin – Gunnar Franklin0.000.00
Jason Fulmer – John Roberts0.000.00
Carson Krell – JT Frick0.000.00
Mike Smith0.000.00
Phillip Anderson0.000.00