Austin Hughes & Holden Northcott Win CATT Phantom Outdoors Open Roanoke River, NC July 8, 2023


Guys, the CATT Division has grown a lot this year and the Phantom Outdoors Open followed suit! We plan to do it again next July and hope you can join us and push the number higher! As you see the Phantom is a lucrative tournament!

We have another Phantom coming up July 22nd on the Chowan River at Pembroke Creek!

Tap on the Phantom Log0 to visit their website and check out their hunting & fishing outdoor gear!

The 2023 CATT East Schedule is posted and accepting entrys! Tap on the link to view!

CATT East – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

1st Place Austin Hughes and Holden Northcott weighed in a limit at 20.91 lbs and took home $2,750.00!


2nd Jason Tripp and Adam Baldwin 20.35 lbs $1500.00. 1st place in all 3 side pots $2,400.00 for a grand total of $3,900.00!

Nice payday. Congratulations!

3rd Travis Badgett and Chris Turner 19.49 lbs $1,000.00! 1st big fish 9.27 lbs $250.00. 2nd place side pots $1,175.00! Grand total $2,425.00!


4th Brock Rouse and Parker Mills 19.42 lbs $500.00!

5th Larry Thomas and Joe Varnell 18.63 lbs. They won $550.0 in side pot money!

2nd big fish goes to Jeff Stoop and Mike Hinson 7.66 lbs $100.00!

Austin Hughes – Holden Northcott4.6020.91$2,750.00
Jason Tripp – Adam Baldwin5.5120.35$3,900.00
Travis Badgett – Chris Turner9.2719.49$2,425.00
Brock Rouse – Parker Mills5.9219.42$500.00
Larry Thomas – Joe Varnell6.3518.63$550.00
Powell Kemp – Michale Chlomoudis5.8418.61
Jeff Stoop – Mike Harrison7.6618.41$100.00
Jason Pittman5.6818.33
Charles Weathersby – Jason White5.6916.40
Houston Cash – Chase Davis0.0016.22
Land Weaver – John Edwards Jr0.0014.97
Joe Smith – Raeford Faircloth4.5513.92
Cam Johnson – Jordan Norris4.9413.84
Brian Stalls – Clayton Boyette0.0012.03
Eugene Foushee – Brandon Johnson0.0011.63
Jordan Hughes – Daniel Boseman0.0010.34
Luke Edwards – Chuckie Creech0.009.96
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes0.009.81
Cliff Jenkins – Randy Jenkins0.008.53
Jim Dick – Greg Dick0.005.63
John Jenkins – Mark Walker0.000.00
David Sasser – Gus Hrach0.000.00
John Mcclelland – Larry Godfrey0.000.00
Adam Richardson – Trey Nanney0.000.00
Dustin Winslow – Brian Richardson0.000.00
Dennis Boykin – Brandon Galloway0.000.00
Walt Goff – Phillip Gibson0.000.00
Donna Wilson – Mike Whitehurst0.000.00
Sandy Brown – Morris Brown0.000.00
Alan Hawkin – Sebastion G0.000.00
Will James – Mike James0.000.00
Dean Jones – Levi Jones0.000.00
Travis Mewborn – Tanner Beamon0.000.00