By Fresh Baitz

Fishing rivers during the summer can be an incredibly effective strategy for catching bass due to various factors that come into play during this season. Understanding these elements and employing the right tactics can significantly increase your chances of a successful bass fishing trip. During the summer, rivers teem with life, attracting baitfish and other prey species, which in turn draws bass to feed in these areas. Utilize soft plastic baits that mimic these natural food sources to entice the bass. Rivers tend to have cooler water temperatures compared to stagnant ponds or lakes, making them more attractive to bass seeking relief from the summer heat. Focus on areas with moving water and shade where bass may congregate. Bass often seek refuge in areas with reduced current flow, such as behind large rocks, fallen trees, or underwater structures. River water typically holds higher oxygen levels, which is crucial for bass survival during the hot summer months. Look for riffles, eddies, and areas with good water flow where bass can find oxygen-rich water.Rivers offer numerous spots where bass can lie in wait for prey to be carried by the current. Cast soft plastic baits near submerged rocks, logs, and vegetation where bass might be hiding. Lizards, Scorpions, HellaMites, and Worms are versatile and can be rigged in various ways, making them suitable for different fishing techniques and conditions. Soft plastic baits closely resemble real prey, allowing for a more natural presentation. Opt for colors that match the local forage to increase your chances of enticing strikes. In the summer, bass can become lethargic due to warmer water temperatures. Soft plastic baits can be worked slowly and subtly, appealing to their sluggish nature. Summer nights offer excellent fishing opportunities in rivers, as bass become more active and move into shallower areas to feed. Try using darker-colored soft plastic baits to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Shaded areas in rivers, such as under overhanging trees or bridges, provide a cool and sheltered environment for bass. Cast soft plastic baits into these zones to increase your chances of finding bass in the summer.
During summer flipping and pitching can be effective techniques when targeting bass in rivers during the summer. The use of a lizard paired with a 4x jungle flipping hook enhances the success of these methods. Flipping allows for precise and accurate presentations, enabling anglers to place the lure directly into tight cover where bass seek shade and ambush prey. The weighted lizard provides a natural, enticing fall that triggers reactionary bites from lethargic bass in the warmer waters. Pitching helps cover larger areas efficiently, presenting the lizard near potential bass hiding spots like submerged rocks, fallen trees, and grassy edges. The 4x jungle flipping hook’s sharpness ensures solid hooksets, even in dense cover. The lizard’s lifelike appearance and versatile color options appeal to bass under various water conditions, making it a go-to choice during the summer months.The new Fresh Baitz Lizard delivers a realistic profile that excels in both power and finesse techniques. The unique forward-facing leg design creates drag that holds it in the strike zone longer or produces wild flapping action with every pull of the rod. Additionally, its slightly ribbed solid body and large head hold your hook in place and provide much better weedless performance making it the ideal bait in any condition. The superior 5.5-inch profile stretches to a whole 7 inches! Perfect for predatory fish including bass year round. The Fresh Baitz Lizard is made from durable high-grade Non-Salted plastic for maximum attention-grabbing action.
Fishing rivers with a Scorpion soft plastic bait and a stand-up jig can be highly effective for catching bass during the summer. Rig the scorpion weedless on the jig, target structures like rocks and fallen trees, and vary your retrieve speed. The stand-up jig keeps the bait upright, mimicking a defensive posture to trigger bass strikes. Experiment with different retrieves and adapt to the river conditions for the best results. This setup offers a versatile and productive tactic for summer bass fishing in rivers. Keep in mind that bass behavior may vary depending on the weather, water conditions, and time of day, so be adaptable in your approach. With practice and persistence, you’ll likely find success and enjoy a rewarding fishing experience.Scorpions are a versatile type of lure that can be used to target a variety of fish species, including bass. We like to use bait that bass simply can’t resist. We use our FreshBaitz Scorpion because it closely imitates a crawfish. Our Fresh Scorpion paired with a Stand-up jig is deadly… This bait will actually sit upright in a defensive stance! The Scorpion is a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. This bait not only appears natural to fish but gives them something to become curious about. Each Fresh Scorpion has a unique and exclusive 3-axis tail design that is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Made from high-grade non-salt plastic to provide superior life-like action that triggers MORE strikes!
Ned rigging a HellaMite soft plastic bait with a blockhead jig can be a highly effective tactic for enticing bass in various fishing scenarios. To execute this approach successfully. The blockhead design keeps the bait upright on the riverbed, creating a lifelike appearance that can trigger bass strikes. Cast the Ned rig setup near drop-offs, submerged rocks, and other underwater structures where bass tend to congregate during the summer. Allow the HellaMite to sink to the bottom, and then use a slow and subtle retrieve, occasionally lifting the rod tip to impart slight hopping motions to the bait. The HellaMite’s natural swimming action combined with the blockhead jig’s presentation will entice bass to strike, making this tactic a reliable choice for summer river bass fishing.Each Fresh HellaMite is scented for complete and total attraction underwater along with being made in the USA by real fishermen just like you. The HellaMite’s solid body and hyperactive ribbed tail design produces a life-like quivering action with every twitch of the rod. Additionally, its unique flat underbelly detail enables this bait to be fished as a drop shot, ned rig, neko rig and even a small carolina-rig, making it the ideal bait in any condition. Our newest Invisible HellaMite is transparent, which makes it look like a natural prey item in the water. When the water is clear, the fish can see the bait more clearly, and a clear HellaMite is more likely to look like real food, increasing the likelihood of a strike.  
During the summer months, Texas rigging proves highly effective for catching river bass, especially when using a worm paired with a bullet-type rig. The rig’s weedless design enables anglers to navigate through dense underwater vegetation without snagging, crucial for targeting bass in rivers with abundant cover. The worm’s lifelike movement and appearance make it a compelling lure for bass actively feeding in warmer waters. The bullet-shaped weight on the bullet-type rig ensures precise casts and deeper penetration, reaching bass in their preferred hiding spots. Its versatility allows for adjustments in presentation and depth, adapting to changing river conditions and bass behavior. The slow and natural movement of the Texas rig with a worm entices lethargic bass, making it an ideal and reliable setup for summer river bass fishing, yielding excellent results.Using a stick-styled worm is the most tried and true ways to catch fish. We have a wide variety of 5-inch Fresh Worms to choose from, but we’ve recently released new 6-inch Worms that catch some trophies. CharmeleonRainbow TRTBoneChocolate Mint, and Fire TGR are all available in 5 and 6-inch. The high-grade non-salt plastic they’re made from provides positive buoyancy and it even floats underwater! We’ve also recently released new 8-count packs of worms available in Watermelon Red, Black & Blue, and Green Pumpkin. We also offer worms that have the unique ability to shift from one color to another under different lighting conditions. Each Worm is scented for complete and total attraction and made in the USA by anglers just like you!
Let the bait sink to different depths and experiment with various retrieve speeds to find what works best. Rivers may have more submerged vegetation during the summer, making weedless rigging essential. As water levels may drop during summer, bass tend to congregate in deeper holes and pools. Use heavier soft plastic baits to reach these depths and entice the bass. Early mornings and late evenings are prime times for bass feeding activity. Explore the river during these periods and present your soft plastic baits in areas with good visibility. Monitor the water temperature throughout the day and adjust your fishing approach accordingly. Bass may move to different areas in the river depending on temperature fluctuations. By understanding the unique advantages of fishing rivers during the summer and employing effective tactics with soft plastic baits, you can maximize your chances of catching bass and create memorable fishing experiences.We have a wide variety of terminal tackle to choose from. For Scorpions we love to use the Stand-Up Jig because it sits your bait up-right in a defensive stance! When using a lizard we like using an All Purpose Hook which is built with an extra-wide gap and is made to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. Mosquito Hooks work for drop-shotting and are designed to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. The Block Head Jig is perfect for ned rigging with its mushroom-style head that seamlessly matches a wide variety of soft plastics such as lizards and worms. The Shakey Ultrahead can permanently secure baits by inserting the pin in the center and screwing the twist lock coil spring for perfect rigging every time! The Ultrahead Wacky Jig features precise weight positioning and hook orientation for the ultimate wacky presentations. For fast Texas rigging, we use the Bullet-Type Rig which has an attached weight saving you pressure time when fishing cover. The 4x Jungle Flippin Hook is designed for big fish and the toughest conditions. Covering a wide range of soft plastics including worms and creatures.