Timmy Williams & Nick Gant Win CATT Waccamaw River, SC Phantom Outdoors Open July 29, 2023


We had another great crowd on the Waccamaw River with 49 teams competing for a total purse of $15,400.00! We plan to hold the 2024 Waccamaw River Phantom Outdoors Open July 27th at Bucksport Marina!

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Timmy Williams & Nick Gant weighed a limit at 15.64 lbs good enough for 1st Place and a check for $6,800.00!

Chris Jones & Ed Owens claimed 2nd with a limit weighing 15.38 lbs! They collected $3,950.00!

Elvis Black & Brian Crosby took 3rd with 15.01 lbs and weighed the Academy BF at 5.89 lbs! They earned $1,650.00 plus a $25 Academy Gift Card!

Richard McConnell & Brian Howard finished 4th with 12.63 lbs and received $1,050.00!

Cal Marsh & Gerrett Howard took 5th with 11.75 lbs and they brought in the 2nd Academy BF at 5.50 lbs!

Ron Poston & Jordan Cook 6th with 10.79 lbs! $300.00!

Jesse White & Eddie Fisher 7th 10.27 lbs $200.00!

Timmy Williams- Nick Gant3.7415.64$6,800.00
Chris Jones – Ed Owens4.9015.38$3,950.00
Elvis Black – Brian Crosby 5.8915.01$1,650.00
Richard McConnell – Brian Howard4.8712.63$1,050.00
Garrett Howard – Call Marsh 5.5011.75$1,450.00
Ron Poston – Jordan Cook3.7010.79$300.00
Jess White – Eddie Fisher0.0010.27$200.00
Danny McLean – Joey McLean2.5610.09
Noah Jones – Charles Fryer3.8810.02
Scott McClelan – Vince Locklear0.009.89
Logan Benton – Greg Benton2.769.81
Carlton Thompkins – Jacob Barfield0.009.32
Simie Wrenn2.459.17
Jesse Norris – Mike Gerald3.168.89
Jason Farrand – Josh Ely0.008.87
Andrew Young – Michael Young3.918.85
Will Hendrick – Alex Hrycak0.008.59
Scott Spittle – Brandon Spittle0.008.39
Smithy Smith – Robbie Woodle0.008.32
Brian Brunson – C hris Wrenn0.008.02
David Thornhill – Mark Johnson0.007.99
David Quandt – Mike Phipps0.007.90
Seth Rabon – Layton Suggs0.007.77
Robby Byrum – Eric Cox0.007.67
Steve Martin – Jacob Martin2.877.41
Britt Brown – Danny Martin0.007.41
Johnny Duarte – John Proctor0.007.32
Greg Mckelvey0.007.31
Steve Thomas – Carl Ward0.007.19
Matthew Goheen – Terry Goheen0.006.75
Avery Williams – George Gore0.006.25
Jason Smith – Shane Thomas2.226.18
Jeremy Trussell – Mathew Trussell0.005.29
Timmy Squirers River Squirers0.000.00
Keaton Harrelson – Shawn Todd0.000.00
Gary Pope – Chuck Howard0.000.00
Ryan Thompson – Bryan Meyers0.000.00
Michael Ard – Caleb Cox0.000.00
Lee Turbeville – Justin Witten0.000.00
Andrew Vereen – Ron Cannon0.000.00
Tommy Collins – Thomas Collins0.000.00
Hunter Dickerson – Garrett Taylor0.000.00
Trey Cribb – Dylan McConnell0.000.00
Tim Paul Jesse Harold0.000.00
James Gibbons – Chase Black0.000.00
Randy Gibson – Michael Craven0.000.00
Casey Warren – McKenzie Warren0.000.00
Greg Barden – Dalton Warren0.000.00
Rod Wrenn – Skeeter Crosby0.000.00