Maurice Freeze & Chad Poteat Win CATT Yadkin High Rock, NC Aug 19, 2023


Next Yadkin CATT Fall Qualifier is this weekend Aug 16th at Lake Tillery!

Maurice Freeze & Chad Poteat win High Rock with 5 bass weighing 20.60 lbs and they weighed in the Academy BF at 7.54 lbs! They earned $1,555.00!

Ladd & Landon Whicker 2nd with 19.89 lbs!

Austin Garland 3rd with 18.50 lbs!

Alan Thompson & Mike Coey 4th with 18.02 lbs!

Herby Young & George Lambeth 5th with 16.52 lbs!

Travis Donaldson & Lee Endicott 6th with 16.19 lbs!

Wyatt & Bill Hill last Place money with 15.59 lbs!

Chad Poteat – Maurice Freeze 7.5420.60$1,555.00110
Ladd Whicker – Landon Whicker4.3219.89$555.00109
Austin Garland4.4318.50$377.00108
Alan Thompson – Mike Coley5.1818.02$200.00107
George Lambeth – Herby Young5.5016.52$238.00106
Travis Donaldson – Lee Endicott4.8416.19$110.00105
Bart Hill – Wyatt Hill4.4715.59$100.00104
Tod Haynes – Jeremy Talbert4.8414.97103
Jason Smith0.0014.63102
Mike White – Tim West4.6813.98101
RM Parker – Coery Gibson0.0012.94100
David Cheek – Cody Walton2.6112.4199
Parrish Payne – Hayden Payne0.0011.5498
Billy Marshall – Alan McKinney0.0011.1797
Mike Kiser – Matt Stanley0.0011.1496
Mike Allen – Thomas Furr0.0010.4095
John Kistler – Rusty Melton0.009.4994
Kevin Stowell Sr – Dakota Harvey0.009.3193
Micah Speights – Chad Coley0.009.0592
Lance Isenhour5.018.1291
Tyler Currick – Greg Robertson0.007.5590
Chris Passmore – Michael Gauldin0.004.9189
Matt Blankinship – Cory Rosinsky0.004.5788
Zach Schelsi0.003.5987
Jason Riggs – Steve Sink0.000.0077
Todd Butler – Jeffrey Furr0.000.0077
Chris Brown0.000.0077
Greg Skerven – Kyle Joyce0.000.0077
Garey Ingram0.000.0077
Robert Mixon – Darryl Carterette0.000.0077
Shane Kennedy – Curt Lare0.000.0077
Brendon Yeckbey – Alston Presson0.000.0077
Bradley Culler – Cody Stegall0.000.0077
Gary Freeze – Jarrett Freeze0.000.0077
Bud Ratliff – Anthony Taylor0.000.0077
Brian Robbins0.000.0077
Total Entrys$2,880.00
BONUS $$775.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,135.00
2023 Yadkin Fall Final Fund$420.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$420.00