DAIWA launches “significantly changed”, high-performing FUEGO mid-price spinning reel.

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DAIWA launches “significantly changed”, high-performing FUEGO mid-price spinning reel.
FOOTHILL RANCH, CA (September 15, 2023) – We know a lot of fishing guides who swear by the current DAIWA FUEGO LT, even though they could fish with any spinning reel in DAIWA’s line-up. For example, Minnesota’s National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer, Tom Neustrom, who’s still guiding in his mid-70s.“The FUEGO just gets the job done. Day-in, day-out, it’s a reel I can trust to fish walleyes, bass, pike, whatever—as well as my clients—because it’s smooth, provides great drag performance, and stands up to real-world fishing. It should cost a whole lot more, I’ll tell you that,” says Neustrom. 
Well, guides like Neustrom and everyone else are going to be even more impressed with the performance of DAIWA’s improved FUEGO.Looking at the new DAIWA FUEGO—compared to the existing FUEGO LT generation—the design changes are significant. “First,” says DAIWA Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills, “we went to a true ZAION V carbon-fiber body, not a nylon-based plastic that you see in other manufacturers’ reels at this price. The new FUEGO stands alone in the marketplace at this price. You get some weight reduction because of this material design change. We also went to an AIRDRIVE ROTOR that reduces weight, too, and incorporated a solid AIRDRIVE BAIL versus a tubular design. The reason for that is the metal we’re using is very strong, rigid, and doesn’t bend—yet, it’s thinner and lighter. Our goal was to reduce the weight of the rotation, which decreases the weight of the reel as well. It also makes it easier to turn the handle. We’re making the performance better and better with each generation of FUEGO.”
“The other big deal with the FUEGO redesign is we added true 5000- and 6000-size reels, which allows us to step into the inshore market, especially with northeast anglers chasing striped bass,” Mills adds.
DAIWA FUEGO Features: NEW! ZAION V Body (3%-5% lighter than current model) NEW! AIRDRIVE ROTOR NEW! SOLID AIRDRIVE BAIL NEW! MAGSEALED NEW! 5000 and 6000 sizes for saltwater TOUGH DIGIGEAR® Machined aluminum screw-in handle Ball Bearing-Supported Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD™) Gear ratios between 5.2:1 and 6.2:1 for effectively playing fish Line-Per-Turn: 25.5-inches (1000 size) to 36.2-inches (6000 size) MSRP $109.99-$129.99
For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: CSR@Daiwa.com. The URL for Daiwa’s web site is daiwa.us