Moore & Bowman Win 5 Alive  / STATE CONSTRUCTION Fall Trail  Tournament #2  –  Kerr Lake 


5 Alive  / STATE CONSTRUCTION Fall Trail  Tournament #2  –  Kerr Lake  –  9/30/23

( Full Results and updated points standings in pictures below)


We had our 2nd tournament of the 5 tournament series of the STATE CONSTRUCTION Fall Trail last Saturday at Kerr Lake.  As expected the Ol’ big pond was TOUGH again.


Weights were down but seemed to be consistent for the most part. Weather was perfect tho! We had 35 teams show up Saturday to see if they could top the field.  At the end of the day it was the team of Joey Moore & Ronald Bowman that stood along at the top. They had a 5 fish limit weighing 12.75 pounds. That earned them a total of $1450.00 with the TWT.  GOOD job guys on a tough day. Well deserved! We had a two way tie for 2nd place. The team of Dalton & Dalton had a 5 fish limit for 12.35 pounds and Tim Staton fishing alone had a 5 fish limit weighing 12.35 pounds.  They both weighed in a big fish and the team of Dalton & Dalton  had the bigger fish getting them 2nd place. That earned them $475.00. HOLD UP!!!! They opted out on the TWT that morning costing them 2nd place TWT money worth $275.00


That’s 2 tournaments in a row that a team has missed out on the TWT money


The top 7 teams were separated by just over 1 pound.

Big fish was won by the team of Gray Williams & Derrick Currin  with a small mouth weighing  4.40 pounds  earning them $350.00

Want to say BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the teams who placed on Saturday!!
Also want to say Thank you to everyone that came out to fish with us.

Our next tournament will be on October 29, 2023 at Hyco Lake.
Yall come on out and fish with us!

1st. Moore & Bowman – 12.75 pounds- $1450.00 TWT
2nd. Dalton  & Dalton – 12.35 pounds – $475.00
3rd. Tim Staton – 12.35 pounds – $575.00 TWT
4th. Williams & Currin – 12.20 pounds – $175.00
5th. Mayton & Smith – 11.75 pounds – $130.00
6th. Dalton & West – 11.65 pounds – $110.00
7th. Little & Anderson – 11.40 pounds – $100.00

Big Fish
Williams & Currin – 4.40 pounds  – $350.0