Kevin & Tyler Jones Win CATT East Roanoke River, NC


Next CATT East Qualifier is this coming Saturday and is the last Fall Qualifier! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be able to fish the Final!

1st Kevin Jones Tyler Jones 15.54 lbs $550. Big fish 4.73 lbs $168. Side pot $350.

2nd JA Williford Mike Layton 12.11 lbs. $300. Side pot $150.

3rd Jason Smith Jacob Smith 11.95 lbs. 2nd big fish 3.84 lb $72

4th Dennis Boykin Jim Hipkiss 11.74 lbs $120 not pictured.

Kevin Jones – Tyler Jones4.7315.54$1,068.00110
JA Williford – Mike Layton0.0012.11$450.00109
Jason Smith – Jacob Smith3.8411.95$272.00108
Dennis Boykin – Jim Hughes3.5511.74$120.00107
Clayton Boyette – Brian Stalls3.1110.53106
Charles Anderson – Adam Haithcock0.0010.40105
Larry Thomas – Will James3.139.65104
Billy Clark – Tommy Hughes0.009.65103
Charles Weathersbee0.008.27102
Brandon Johnson – Wilbur johnson0.007.92101
Donald Luther & Mike Kannan3.646.02100
Jerry Hardy – Larry Revel0.005.8099
Tracey King – Jackson King0.005.0598
Matthew Watkins – Avery Watkins0.003.7497
Shawn Keene – Geoge Myers0.003.4996
Matthew Langley – David Langley0.002.7095
Craig Simpson – Phillip Flood0.000.0085
Dickie Killinger – Ryan Killinger0.000.0085
Wayne Stallings – Zeb West0.000.0085
Danny Flynn – Brad Elks0.000.0085
John Clark – Myriam Clark0.000.0085
Derrick Whitmore0.000.0085
Mike Hinson – Jeff Stoop0.000.0085
Jason Pittman – Jeremy Hodge0.000.0085
Total Entrys$1,920.00
BONUS $$500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,910.00
East 2023 Fall Final Fund$410.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 East Spring  Fall Fund Total$1,190.00