Fall Fishing Fun: The Top Three Lures You Need!


Title: “Fall Fishing Fun: The Top Three Lures You Need!

Fall is more than just colorful tree leaves and football games, it’s a season of busy movement beneath the water surface too. During this time, Largemouth, Smallmouth and spotted bass start prepping for winter and that means – they’re eating a lot! This is prime-time fishing, folks- but you might be wondering where to start. Hi, I’m Tyler, and I’m your guide. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Fall Bass Behavior

When fall rolls around, the bass (and other game fish) start to eat more. It’s like they’re at a buffet before a long winter nap. This behavior changes depending on where you live. Up north where it gets icy, the feeding frenzy is amazing to watch. Down south, where winter is milder, the bass don’t go quite as crazy – but hey, they still have to eat!

The key to catching more fish? Be quick! You’ll need fast-moving lures and a good pair of boots for stalking the banks.

Three Must-Have Lures for Fall Fishing

Now, let’s talk about the essential tools of fall fishing – lures! Here are the top three:

  1. Spinnerbait: This little gadget mimics a small group of fish swimming around. It’s like ringing a dinner bell for bass, drawing them in for a closer look. Plus, its hook faces up, making it less likely to get caught in weeds or other underwater obstacles.
  2. Vibrating Jig: Also known as a “ChatterBait,” this lure works well in all sorts of ponds and lakes. It’s compact and sinks faster than the spinnerbait, making it great for different water depths. It might not flash as much but, hey, it makes up for it by being really noisy underwater!
  3. Shallow Diving Crankbait: Take the Strike King Hybrid Hunter for example. It moves unpredictably in the water, much like a scared or injured fish would, attracting bass from far and wide. It’s especially useful in places with grass and muddy waters, where its loud noise can be a beacon to bass.

Target the High-Percent Areas

With your lures ready in hand, the next step is to know where to hunt. Look out for areas that have a lot of fish activity or a lot of bait fish. Think of places like outcrops, grasslands or flat areas.

In the End, It’s All About Having Fun

Fishing is all about patience, and sometimes, luck. Now, with these lures, you’re ready to go out there and make the most out of your fall fishing experience. Enjoy the beautiful weather, the thrill of the chase, and the joy of a good catch. Happy fishing, folks!