Glenn Sparrow & Chris Bumgardne Win CATT Lake Wylie, SC Nov 11, 2023


Next Lake Wylie CATT Fall Qualifier is Nov 18 at Nivens! Come on out and join us!

Glenn Sparrow & Chris Bumgardner win Wylie with 5 bass weighing 17.09 lbs and weighed the BF at 4.85 lbs!

Ron Farrow & Roger Farrow took 2nd Place with 15.33 lbs!

Taylor Bonds & Hunter Hiers claimed 3rd with 13.72 lbs!

Glenn Sparrow/Chris Bumgardner4.8517.09$975.00110
Ron Farrow/Roger Farrow4.6015.33$280.00109
Hunter Hiers/Taylor Bonds3.7013.72$100.00108
Britt Myers Jr/Mike Stephens3.2412.35107
David Winters/Derek Lilley2.5811.82106
Mike Greene/Rick Rhom2.6910.80105
Jason Cougar/Kim Gray2.4710.71104
Dave Calbert/Bill Carothers2.4410.32103
Kale Steele/Kayden Steele2.1610.21102
Stephen Sparrow/Sawyer Sparrow3.2310.11101
Brian Whitworth2.6610.11100
Ryan Gee/Dan Gee2.149.4199
Jay Adams Jr2.179.2098
Mike Swick2.346.9697
Mike Levans2.186.5296
Joe Floyd/Mike Stone0.000.0086
Christopher Cook/Timmy Boone0.000.0086
Josh Pressley0.000.0086
Total Entrys$1,440.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,355.00
Wylie 2023 Fall Final Fund$335.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Wylie Fall Final Fund Total$565.00