Rodney & Jason Thomas Win CATT Yadkin Fall Final High Rock Lake, NC Nov 18, 2023


We concluded another great year on the Yadkin Chain! As always huge thanks to Michael Smith and his crew!

The 2024 CATT Yadkin Spring Trail is posted! A team can enter just 1 Qualifier and be eligible to enter the 2024 Spring Yadkin Final!

Also, by entering 2 CATT events you will qualify to enter the 2024 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Lake May 18-19, 2024! Tap on the link to view Championship info!  2024 CATT Academy Championship – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

New for 2024! CATT BassKings Solo Series! We have 1 schedule for Badin Lake & High Rock Lake! HUGE PAYOUTS with a championship on Lake Murray, SC!  The HOTTEST Lake in the Carolinas! Tap the BassKing logo to view info!

Rodney Thomas & Jason Thomas win the Yadkin Fall Final with 5 bass weighing 20.32 lbs! They took home $3,000.00!

Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight took 2nd with 18.29 lbs worth $2,000.00!

Tom File & Thomas Ludwick 3rd Place with 18.26 lbs! $1.369.00!

John Kistler & Rusty Melton took 4th with 15.56 lbs!

Tony Stafford & Josh Stafford 5th 15.52 lbs!

Chris Brwon & Sam Cole 6th 15.19 lbs!

Chad Poteat & Jason Barnes 7th  14.82 lbs!

Austin Garland 1st big fish with a 6.23 lbs!. Also winning big fish trophy’s provided by C-Stick /Ultra-Tech Tool and Machine.

Rodney Thomas – Jason Thomas4.1120.32$3,000.00
Shawn Knight – Ron Wolfarth0.0018.29$2,000.00
Tom File – Thomas Ludwick5.3918.26$1,369.00
John Kistler – Rusty Melton4.8015.56$500.00
Tony Stafford – Josh Stafford0.0015.52$350.00
Chris Brown – Sam Cole0.0015.19$225.00
Chad Poteat – Jason Barnes0.0014.82$200.00
Derek Crumbley – Calvin McCaskill0.0013.92
Alan Griffin – Kevin Chandler0.0013.49
Kolton Hawks – Dusty Taylor4.4513.11
Robin Collins – Ronnie White0.0012.60
Kevin Stowell Sr – Dakota Harvey0.0012.52
Mike Kiser – Matt Stanley0.0012.33
Tod Haynes – Jeremy Talbert0.0012.19
Mark Mohler – Greham Bosch5.1611.34
RM Parker – Corey Gibson0.0010.88
Austin Garland6.2310.14$231.00
Mike Allen – Thomas Furr0.009.94
Billy Marshall – Alan McKinney0.000.00
Ladd Whicker – Landon Whicker0.000.00
Jason Riggs – Steve Sinlk0.000.00
George Lambeth – Herby Young0.000.00
Danny Nifong – Dean Robertson0.000.00
Chris Passmore – Mike Gauldin0.000.00
Rodney Bell – Wayne Smelser0.000.00
Brendan Yeckley – Alston Presson0.000.00
Ethan Cox – Cody Thompson0.000.00
Shane Kennedy – Curt Lare0.000.00
Lee Williams – Gavin Williams0.000.00
Robert Branson – Andrew Wilson0.000.00
Jason Smith – Jacob Smith0.000.00
Micah Speights – Chad Coley0.000.00
Hunter Harwood – Scott Harwood0.000.00
Zach Schelsi – Kris Schelsi0.000.00
Ronnie Smith – Jackie Reily0.000.00
Bart Hill – Wyatt Hill0.000.00
Lance Isenhour0.000.00