The Skirted Pulse Jig: A Game-Changing Bait for Winter Fishing Enthusiasts


See why the Skirted Pulse Jig from Pulse Lures is the must-have addition to your tackle box this winter

Winter fishing can be a challenging endeavor for many anglers, but with the right tools at their disposal, they can turn the odds in their favor. Pulse Lures, a reputable name in the fishing industry, has unveiled their latest innovation, the Skirted Pulse Jig. This bait is specifically designed to excel in colder water conditions, making it an essential tool for winter fishing enthusiasts.

Key Features of the Skirted Pulse Jig:

  1. Holographic Skirt: The Skirted Pulse Jig boasts a mesmerizing holographic skirt that mimics the natural movement of prey underwater. The visual appeal of this bait is sure to attract the attention of even the most cautious fish.
  2. Scented Trailer: To enhance its allure, the Skirted Pulse Jig comes with a scented trailer that infuses the bait with a realistic scent. The irresistible combination of sight and smell triggers the predatory instincts of fish, increasing the chances of a successful catch.
  3. Premium Hooks: Pulse Lures prides itself on providing anglers with top-tier, sharp hooks. The Skirted Pulse Jig is no exception, ensuring that every strike results in a secure hookset and a fulfilling landing.

How to Use the Skirted Pulse Jig:

  1. Color Selection: Pulse Lures offers a wide range of colors for the Skirted Pulse Jig. Test different hues to find the color that works best in your specific winter fishing conditions. Popular options include green pumpkin, black and blue, and chartreuse and white.
  2. Rigging the Bait: Rigging the Skirted Pulse Jig is a straightforward process. Attach the scented trailer by cutting the tip to match the jig size, and secure it with a drop of Avid Angler glue. This step ensures the trailer remains firmly attached during fishing.
  3. Casting and Retrieving: Make long casts and retrieve the Skirted Pulse Jig at a slow and steady pace. Vary your retrieve by occasionally stopping and starting or adding subtle twitches to imitate injured prey. This technique proves highly effective in attracting predatory fish during the winter season.
  4. Hookset and Landing: When a fish strikes, execute a side set hookset while keeping your rod tip down to prevent the fish from jumping and potentially dislodging the hook. Once hooked, skillfully fight the fish to the boat or shore, knowing that the Skirted Pulse Jig’s premium hooks provide a secure hold.

Why the Skirted Pulse Jig Should Be in Your Tackle Box this Winter:

  1. Winter-Friendly Design: The Skirted Pulse Jig is specifically tailored to excel in cold-water conditions. Its attractive skirt and scented trailer appeal to fish even in low temperatures, significantly increasing the chances of success during winter fishing.
  2. Versatile Application: Whether you’re targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, or other species, the Skirted Pulse Jig proves to be an invaluable tool. Its versatility shines in stained water, around vegetation, and when fishing over laydowns, making it a go-to bait in various scenarios.
  3. Proven Success: With a reputation for producing quality products, Pulse Lures has crafted the Skirted Pulse Jig to consistently deliver exceptional results. Already a favorite among anglers, this bait has gained recognition for its ability to entice even the most hesitant fish.
  4. Trustworthy Brand: Pulse Lures aims to provide exceptional customer satisfaction through their commitment to quality and innovation. Anglers can rely on their products to enhance their fishing experience and tackle winter fishing challenges with confidence.

As winter approaches, the Skirted Pulse Jig from Pulse Lures proves to be the game-changing bait that every angler needs in their tackle box. Its winter-friendly design, versatility, proven success, and the brand’s commitment to excellence make it a must-have addition for any fishing enthusiast. For more information on the Skirted Pulse Jig and other fine products from Pulse Lures, visit their official website at or connect with them on social media platforms.

Take your winter fishing to the next level with the Skirted Pulse Jig and experience the thrill of reeling in the catch of a lifetime!