Fishing Expert Todd Davis Joins The Bass Cast: Power Up Your Bass Game!


We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the continued dedication and support of our faithful fans, The Bass Cast is welcoming a new team member, Todd Davis. Todd brings with him the kind of experience and passion for bass fishing that will undoubtedly resonate with our community. Starting in March, he will be contributing to the rich content that we cultivate, aimed at assisting our readership in becoming more adept at catching bass.

A veteran in the outdoors, Todd boasts extensive experience across numerous outdoor publications – a testament to his expertise and knowhow. His commitment to helping the Bass fishing community is aligned with the vision of The Bass Cast, making him an exciting addition to our team.

In his new role, Todd will be crafting insightful and valuable content designed to help bass anglers up their game. From strategies and techniques to tackle recommendations, his aim will be to equip you with the knowledge you need to maximize your bass fishing prowess.

But that’s not all. Todd will also be your conduit to the wider world of professional bass fishing. He will be conducting interviews with some of the best professionals in the field, gathering their perspectives on tournament bass fishing, and sharing practical tips that can transform your bass fishing game.

As we move into this exciting new phase with Todd in our corner, we ask for your continued support. Your engagement and feedback are integral to our mission and help shape The Bass Cast in its endeavor to serve you better.

We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Todd Davis and look forward to sharing his passion and expertise with our incredible audience. Together, we’ll continue to foster a community where all bass fishing enthusiasts can find their place and catch some giant bass along the way!

Todd Davis is an avid outdoorsman and passionate about sharing the outdoors with others. He enjoys fishing for anything that bites and even fish that don’t. He has been writing about the outdoors for over ten years. His work includes writing for companies like Drury Outdoors, Mossy Oak, Texas Sportsman Magazine, Life and Land Magazine, Turkey Call Magazine, Whitetales Magazine, etc. Todd and his wife Debbie live in north Texas and own Davis Outdoor Adventures.