Andrew Steagall & Daniel Dix Win CATT Old North Jordan Lake, NC May 11, 2024


Next and last CATT Old North Spring Qualifier is June 1st at Falls Lake!

Lucas Labough & Jeremy Moody are going for 2 in row in the Old North Points race!

Coming up this weekend!

Only enter 2 CATT events Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024 and you qualify to enter the 2024 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Lake May 18-19, 2024! $10,000 MINIMUM GUARANTEED 1st PLACE! Tap on the link to view Championship info!

We combined tournaments with the Piedmont Bass Classic Team Trail and the overall feedback has been great! We will do it again in the future and will make sure we secure a ramp that will allow for more space!

Andrew Steagall & Daniel Dix win Jordan with 5 bass weighing 26.03 lbs and earned $2,795.00!

Mike & Jonathan Rhew 2nd Place with 24.49 lbs $1,455.00!

Ken McNeil & Clay Ausley 3rd Place 21.42 lbs! $810.00!

Andrew Steagall – Daniel Dix7.0326.03$2,795.00110
Jonathan Rhew – Mike Rhew7.4424.49$1,455.00109
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil6.0121.42$810.00108
Zach Bouren – Joe Edwards5.9420.94$450.00107
Rich Z – Todd Sumner7.0520.24$325.00106
Craig Leff – Thomas Sheffer6.5119.79$300.00105
Chad Fara – Todd Massey5.0718.78$275.00104
Ben Cannon – Chad Craven4.6618.47$225.00103
Rick Dunstan – Mike Farrell4.2117.57$175.00102
Will White – Frank White4.0017.57101
Ricky Petty – Michael Coon5.1614.35100
Malcome Rawls – Jerry Staggs7.7113.37$480.0099
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody5.2412.8598
Billy Bledsoe – Tanner Bledsoe3.9712.5597
Scott Woodson – Austin Randall4.3112.4996
David Farmer – Matt Deese4.4112.4795
David Walton – Ricky Oquin0.0012.1194
Raeford Soles – Donnie Shaw0.0010.7293
Hunter Strickland – Patrick Bynum0.009.6892
Timmy Ferrell – Howard Bohannon4.479.6191
Tim McMillan – Tim McMillen Jr0.009.5290
Wayne Shaw- Doug Suddreth3.609.5089
Larry Sessoms – Logan Sessoms3.609.2688
James Strickland – Jeff Wolfe0.008.8487
Jeff Beasley – Blake Beasley5.668.6186
Tony Stanley – Chase Stanely5.818.5285
John McClelland – Larry Godfrey0.008.4884
Jody George – Bill Shively0.008.2783
Joel Lloyd – Jamies Sykes0.007.5582
Thames Tsoumbos – Mike Stephenson3.616.8881
Mike Marchant – Bradley Laurin3.875.4880
Stewart Adams – John Adams3.615.4479
Eric Schell – Todd Smith0.003.5178
Terry Amen – Jason Johnson0.000.0068
Alec Lower – Richard Lower0.000.0068
Larry Hipps – Jesse Spell0.000.0068
Lynn fox – Seth Ballard0.000.0068
Stanton McDuffie – Wyatt Kimmy0.000.0068
Brock Johnson – Teddy Whitley0.000.0068
Jonathan Holloway – Brian West0.000.0068
Alan White – Mike Vaughan0.000.0068
Jason Barnes – John Pilcher0.000.0068
Tim Goad – Mark Williams0.000.0068
Keith Patterson – Judson Haney0.000.0068
Mark Herndon – Dan Lawson0.000.0068
Kirk Leonard – Billy West0.000.0068
Glenn Long – Mike Dinterman0.000.0068
Jay Fogleman – Doug Stallings0.000.0068
Total Entrys$6,580.00
BONUS $$1,700.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,290.00
Old North 2024 Spring Final Fund$900.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$5,295.00