Mike & Gage Chlomoudis Win CATT Chowan River, NC May 11, 2024 with 25.14lbs


The last divisional of the spring CATT Tidewater trail launched from Shoups landing on the Chowan river with anglers vying for a combination of the daily winners and our spring AOY points champions. Once again the 50 teams were met with cold front conditions and dropping water due to the north winds. 40 of the 50 teams participating brought in five fish limits with many teams reporting catching in access of 30 keepers throughout the day. At the end of the day the team of Mike and Gage Chlomoudis separated themselves from the rest of the field in a big way to take home the victory and a $2675 payday with a five fish limit weighing 25.14 lbs!!

Matt Holt and Brad Webb jumped out of the Jon boat for the day and proved they can catch them no matter the size of the boat! There 17.20 lb limit earned them a second-place finish and a check for $875.

Kevin and Tyler Jones brought in a 16.55lb limit to round out the top three teams. They edged out the fourth-place finishers Matt Geschak and Anthony Twiford who had a 16.37lb bag that was anchored by the big fish of the day weighing 7.29 lbs which earned them an additional $500.

The following teams rounded out the money winners today.

5th Derek Whittmore/Clayton Boyette 16.19lbs

6th Andrew George/Jordan Sanderlin 16.09lbs

7th Randy Broughman/Ryan Broughman 15.19 lbs

8th Christian Bland/Ronnie Bland 15.12 lbs

9th Jason Stacey/Steven Cox 14.92 lbs

10th Chris Banks/Zach Meads 14.65 lbs

Team Broughman has wrapped up our spring points championship! We will award Point money at the Final

Just a reminder, if you have fished with us in at least one tournament this year you are eligible to participate in our divisional championship June 1st out of Pembroke creek.

Mike & Gage Chlomoudis 1st Place 25.14 lbs! $2,675.00!

Ryan Broughman & Randy Broughman 2024 Spring Tidewater Point Winners!

Mike Chlomoudis Gage Chlomoudis5.6525.14$2,675.00110
Matt Holt Brad Webb5.0517.20$875.00109
Kevin Jones Tyler Jones5.0016.55$575.00108
Anthony Twiford Matt Greschak7.2916.37$975.00107
Derek Whittmore Clayton Boyette4.8916.19$350.00106
Andrew George Jordan Sanderlin4.9416.09$250.00105
Randy Broughman  Ryan  Broughman3.8615.19$200.00104
Christian Bland Ronnie Bland3.9115.12$160.00103
Jason Stacey Steven Cox7.0314.92$140.00102
Chris Banks Zachery Meads5.3314.65$120.00101
Mike Evans Brian Meadows2.8713.40100
Wayne Mishue Walker Mishue4.3313.3899
Jeff Stoop Mike Henson0.0012.9698
Richard Griswold JR Milligan3.1112.6197
Robert Prevatte Mark Gribble3.6512.4596
Jim Dick Greg Dick5.0512.2795
Nick Meek Kyle Verkuillen0.0012.1494
Bob Clarkson Mark Ingram3.6911.9293
Eric Polk Chris Wells0.0011.7692
Michael Lassiter Justin Brittianham0.0011.7591
Tommy Banks Bubba Banks4.0711.4490
Cody Matthews Marty Matthews2.9311.3689
Brian Cooper Heath Parker0.0011.0488
David Shaffer Scott Shaffer2.8310.9287
Chris Turner Quinton Chappell0.0010.8786
Kirk Nixon Trent Nixon0.0010.8385
Wayne Haynes Andy Morath0.0010.7284
Larry Barefoot0.0010.5983
Lloyd Sanderlin John Sanderlin0.0010.4982
Holden Northcott Austin Northcott0.0010.4381
Ricky Mize Travis Badgett0.0010.1180
Joshua Lanaville Timothy Davis6.609.9579
Steve Brickhouse Bud Elkins0.009.9278
Hunter Holloman Tommy Houlroyd0.009.7477
Kenneth Moore Joseph Eure0.009.5076
Brent Thomas3.179.0275
Mark Moretz Ray Cobb0.008.4674
Douglas Hewitt William Heighter0.008.3373
Michael Hoggard David Freeman3.088.1872
Mike Scott JP Scott0.007.4571
Al Biagioni John LaRock0.007.1470
Ben Knapp Mike Knapp0.006.2569
Matt Anderson0.001.3168
Wilson Johnson Brandon Johnson0.001.1167
James Williams0.000.0057
JA Williford Mike Layton0.000.0057
Gary Debrito0.000.0057
Smak Eure Allen Eure0.000.0057
Wesley Cashwell0.000.0057
Daryl Peele Red Ligoen0.000.0057
Total Entrys$6,000.00
BONUS $$875.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,320.00
2024 Tidewater Final Fund$430.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2024 Tidewater Final Fund Total$2,110.00
2024 Tidewater Point Fund$2,190.00