Morgan & Tripp Mistr Win CATT James River, VA May 11, 2024


Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final

Morgan & Tripp Mistr brought in 5 bass weighing 22.489 lbs good enough for the win and $1,900.00!

Duane Hodge & Brad Colgin weighed in a limit at 21.01 lbs PLUS they weighed the BF at 10.09 lbs!

Keith Lupo & Mike Hicks finished 3rd with 5 bass weighing 19.76 lbs for a $1,320.00 payday!

Clay Lewis & Greg Cooper 4th Place with 19.63 lbs! They earned $1,060.00!

Josh Wright & Partner 5th with 18.79 lbs!

Kelly Robinette & David Barlow took 6th with 18.57 lbs!

Tripp Mistr–Morgan Mistr0.0022.49$1,900.00110
Duane Hodge–Brad Colgin10.0921.01$1,535.00109
Mike Hicks–Keith Lupo5.2119.76$1,320.00108
Clay Lewis–Greg Cooper6.3519.63$1,060.00107
Josh Wright –6.4918.79$630.00106
Kelly Robinette–David Barlow7.2118.57$300.00105
Marshall Johnson–Ryan Lachniet0.0017.74$235.00104
Dave Carney–John Dunn0.0017.28$190.00103
Timothy Lucy–Logan Branch0.0016.51$175.00102
Keith Smith–Chip Norford5.2315.57$145.00101
Michael Shears–Anothony Paschall0.0015.47$125.00100
Charlie Reed–Kelly Pratt0.0015.1499
Jared Williams–Alen Richard0.0015.0898
Ryan–Wayne Drewery4.7414.9497
Audie Murphy–Monte Aleman0.0014.8596
Rodney Wells–Michael Irizarry0.0014.8095
Mickey Anderson0.0014.7894
Cory Dunnavant–Kennon Ball0.0014.6893
Howard Austin–Mark Austin0.0014.6792
Trey Goodman–Tim Chaffin0.0014.5991
Rick Mistr–Tom Owens5.6614.4990
Harvey Reese–Phillip Adams4.0114.3989
Billy Allen–Craig Cheek0.0014.3388
John Koren–Aaron Stadler0.0014.2787
Jared Sutton–Austin Minton0.0013.3885
Ed–Ed Jordan5.3513.3184
Calvin Carabin–Danyan Winn0.0013.2383
Ron Studer–Jimmy Seay0.0013.1882
Bubba Whitehurst–Brandon Coffee0.0013.1081
Charles James–John James0.0013.0780
Brian Brooks–Avery Powelson0.0012.8479
Donnie Meade–Travis Daniels0.0012.8078
Avery Neely–Chuck Rackley0.0012.7977
Mark Tines–TJ Svec0.0012.7076
Francis Martin–William Clements0.0012.6575
Luke Carson–Logan Carson0.0012.5174
James Tilley–Andy Walker5.4312.4373
Chuck Comer–Don Warren0.0012.3572
Jeffery Valentin–Daryl Moody0.0012.0771
Jake Lewis–Roger Rhodes0.0011.8470
Scottie Melton–Shawn Smith0.0011.4069
Joey Cooke–Justin Hall0.0011.3468
Sam Pollock0.0011.1467
Stacy Vasser–Kevin Davis0.0011.0966
Chet Flanigan–Chris DeLuke0.0011.0865
Vincet Wells–Mike Hedrick0.0010.8064
Jerry Hammitt0.0010.7163
Curtis Combs–CJ Combs0.0010.5462
Jamie Nealy–Greg Ball0.0010.4561
Charles Ramer–Ernie Revels0.009.8460
James Byrd III0.006.6159
Eric Picucci–Micah Miten0.000.0049
Ricky Meyers–Dale Cook0.000.0049
Jake Kidd–Jesse Kidd0.000.0049
Todd Fisher–Brett Stewart0.000.0049
Jay Griffin–Austin Burkat0.000.0049
Total Entrys$6,720.00
BONUS $$1,450.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,615.00
2024 James River Spring Final Fund$455.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 James River Spring Final Fund Total6 lbs!$1,310.00