Understanding water temperatures is crucial when it comes to bass fishing, especially during the spring season. The temperature of the water can greatly impact the behavior of the fish, and knowing this can help you catch more fish. During the spring season, water temperatures will usually be in the range of 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is when the bass start to become more active. Bluegills are one of the biggest threats to their eggs and this makes the smaller males become much more aggressive when protecting the bed. Jumping your bait into their beds almost guarantees a catch. In clear water, you’re actually able to see the beds built up along banks and other structures. In the spring, the bass will start to move towards the shallows as the water temperature starts to rise. This is because the shallows will warm up quicker than the deeper waters, and this will attract baitfish and other food sources that the bass feed on. By understanding the water temperature, your able target these areas and use soft plastic baits such as cray-styled, lizards, hellamite, and even worms to catch more fish. These baits mimic the natural prey of the bass and can be fished in a variety of ways. Some anglers prefer to rig their soft plastic baits Texas-style, while others prefer to use a Carolina rig or a drop-shot rig. Try out different rigs and baits can help you find what works best for you in different water temperatures. Scorpions are a versatile type of lure that can be used to target a variety of fish species, including bass. We like to use bait that bass simply can’t resist. We use our Fresh Scorpion because it closely imitates a crawfish. Our Fresh Scorpion paired with a Stand-up jig is deadly… This bait will actually sit upright in a defensive stance! The Scorpion is a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. This bait not only appears natural to fish but gives them something to become curious about. Each Fresh Scorpion has a unique and exclusive 3-axis tail design that is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Made from high-grade non-salt plastic to provide superior life-like action that triggers MORE strikes! Scented for complete and total attraction! Scorpions are a popular bait for bass fishing during the spring season, and there are several reasons why they work so well. Firstly, scorpions have a natural swimming action that can attract the attention of bass. This is because scorpions have a long, slender body that can mimic the movements of a baitfish or other prey item. They’re often rigged weedless, which means they can be fished in areas with a lot of vegetation without getting snagged. This can be especially helpful when fishing in shallow waters where the bass may be hiding in the weeds. scorpions can be fished at different depths depending on how they are rigged. Some anglers may choose to rig their scorpions on a Carolina rig or a drop-shot rig, while others may prefer to use a Texas-style rig. This flexibility allows anglers to target different depths and increase their chances of catching a bass. scorpions are durable and can withstand multiple bites from bass. This means that anglers can use them for multiple fishing trips without having to replace them.  During the summer months, the water temperature will start to increase, and this can cause the bass to become less active. When the water temperature gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the bass will start to move to deeper waters where the temperature is cooler. During this time, you may need to use different baits, such as crankbaits or topwater lures, to catch more fish. Crankbaits and topwater lures are popular choices when fishing for bass during the summer months. These baits can be fished at different depths and speeds to trigger a strike from a bass. When fishing in deeper waters, a slow-rolling retrieve with a deep-diving crankbait can be effective. When fishing in shallow waters, a topwater lure can be worked across the surface to create a commotion and entice a bass to strike. During the summer, bass may move to deeper waters in search of cooler temperatures, making deep-water fishing a reliable tactic for catching bass. Popular baits for deep-water fishing include jigs, crankbaits, and drop-shot rigs. it’s important for anglers to pay attention to the conditions of the water during the summer. Factors like water temperature, wind, and cloud cover can all impact the effectiveness of different tactics, and it’s important to adjust the tactics you use every day accordingly. By deep-water fishing, anglers can increase their chances of catching bass!The new Fresh Baitz Lizard delivers a realistic profile that excels in both power and finesse techniques. The unique forward-facing leg design creates drag that holds it in the strike zone longer or produces wild flapping action with every pull of the rod. Additionally, its slightly ribbed solid body and large head hold your hook in place and provide much better weedless performance making it the ideal bait in any condition. The superior 5.5-inch profile stretches to a whole 7 inches which entices feeding bass! Perfect for predatory fish including bass year round. The Fresh Baitz Lizard is made from durable high-grade Non-Salted plastic for maximum attention-grabbing action. Lizards have a natural appearance that can mimic the look of prey items that bass feed on during the summer. This can make them an attractive target for hungry bass. Our Fresh lizards are available in a variety of colors, which can be helpful in different water conditions. Some anglers prefer to use brighter colors in murky water, while others may opt for more natural colors in clear water. The versatility of lizards in terms of color can make them a reliable choice in different situations. Lizards can be rigged weedless, which means they can be fished in areas with a lot of vegetation without getting snagged. This can be especially helpful when fishing in shallow waters where the bass may be hiding in the weeds. They’re real easy to use and can be fished by anglers of all skill levels. This makes them a good option for beginners who may be just starting out with bass fishing. Lizards can be used to catch different species of bass, including largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. This makes them a reliable bait for anglers targeting different types of bass in any condition year-round.  Another great bait to use is a HellaMite which closely resembles the natural food sources of bass during the summer months. Insects such as dragonfly larvae and hellgrammites are commonly found in freshwater environments during the summer, making them a prime food source for bass. The realistic appearance of Hellamites can make them highly attractive bait to bass. Hellamites can be fished at various depths and in different water areas. This versatility makes them a reliable choice for anglers who may be fishing in different types of water conditions or at varying depths. Hellamites can be fished using a variety of techniques, including drop-shot rigs, Carolina rigs, and jigging techniques. This versatility allows anglers to experiment with different techniques and find the most effective way to catch bass in a particular fishing environment. Hellamites are an effective bait for summer bass fishing because they can trigger a reaction bite from bass. The realistic appearance and movement of Hellamites can trigger a bass’s natural predatory instinct and cause them to strike.Each Fresh HellaMite is scented for complete and total attraction underwater along with being made in the USA by real fishermen just like you. Our newest Invisible HellaMite is an effective bait for various reasons, starting with its transparency, which makes it look like a natural prey item in the water. When the water is clear, the fish can see the bait more clearly, and a clear HellaMite is more likely to look like real food, increasing the likelihood of a strike.  There’s a limited supply of our clear HellaMites so you better act fast! If you’re fast enough then you’ll be able to grab some Perch HellaMites before they end up selling out again! The supply won’t last long so don’t wait for another second. You’re also now able to save money by getting the classic HellaMite colors and Ned Head Jigs in one convenient kit! The new HellaMite Fun Pack includes 6 crucial colors for 18 total HellaMite baits and a 3-count pack of Owner Block Head Jigs size 1/16oz. In addition to all of that, you also get a FREE FreshBaitz sticker. The kit includes 3 of Watermelon Red, Purple Smoke, Alabama, Black & Blue, Goby Wan, and Green Pumpkin HellaMite giving you all the crucial colors you need. All of these colors are magnets and work really good for Smallmouth, Largemouth, Panfish, Trout, Walleye, and more. In the fall, the water temperature will start to drop, and the bass will start to move back towards the shallows. This is because the cooler water temperatures will make the shallow waters more comfortable for the bass, and they will also start to feed more aggressively in preparation for the winter months. Using soft plastic worms, lizards, hellamite, and other cray-styled baits can be very effective during this time. When fishing for bass in the fall, it’s important to pay attention to the water temperature and the location of the fish. The bass may be feeding on baitfish or crayfish, so using baits that mimic these prey items can be effective. Additionally, fishing near structure such as fallen trees or rocks can also be productive, as these areas can provide cover for the bass. fishing around structure can be an effective tactic for fall bass fishing. As the water temperatures begin to cool down, the bass start to move towards deeper water and begin to congregate around structure, such as rocks, logs, and drop-offs. Anglers can use a variety of baits, including jigs, worms, and creature baits, to fish around structure and target the bass that are hiding there. This tactic requires patience and skill, as anglers need to carefully maneuver their bait around the structure without getting snagged.Using a stick-styled worm is the most tried and true ways to catch fish. We have a wide variety of 5-inch Fresh Worms to choose from, but we’ve recently released new 6-inch Worms that catch some trophies. CharmeleonRainbow TRTBoneChocolate Mint, and Fire TGR are all available in 5 and 6-inch. The high-grade non-salt plastic they’re made from provides positive buoyancy and it even floats underwater! We’ve also recently released new 8-count packs of worms available in Watermelon RedBlack & Blue, and Green Pumpkin. We also offer worms that have the unique ability to shift from one color to another under different lighting conditions. Each Worm is scented for complete and total attraction and made in the USA by anglers like you! During the winter months, the water temperature will be very cold, and the bass will become less active. During this time, you may need to use different techniques, such as slow trolling or vertical jigging, to catch more fish. Soft plastic worms and lizards can still be effective during the winter months, but you may need to use them at a slower pace. When fishing for bass in the winter, it’s important to fish slowly and methodically. The bass may not be as active, so presenting your bait in a way that looks natural and enticing can be key. Vertical jigging with a soft plastic worm or lizard can be effective in deep water, while slow trolling with a crankbait can be effective in shallow water. In summary, understanding water temperatures is crucial when it comes to bass fishing. By understanding the behavior of bass.  winter bass fishing can be a challenging but rewarding experience for anglers who use these two tactics. By slow-rolling a jig to mimic a dying baitfish and using live bait to entice a bite from a lethargic bass, anglers can increase their chances of catching bass during the cold winter months.We have a wide variety of terminal tackle to choose from. For Scorpions and CrayCraws we love to use the Stand-Up Jig because it sits your bait up-right in a defensive stance! When using a lizard we like using an All Purpose Hook which is built with an extra-wide gap and is made to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. This hook has a z-lock shoulder bend feature that holds baits firmly in place working through and covering. Also has a super needle point technology that ensures its sharp penetrating power performs. Mosquito Hooks work for drop-shotting and are designed to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. The Block Head Jig is perfect for ned rigging with its mushroom-style head that seamlessly matches a wide variety of soft plastics such as lizards and worms. The Shakey Ultrahead can permanently secure baits by inserting the pin in the center and screwing the twist lock coil spring for perfect rigging every time! The Ultrahead Wacky Jig features precise weight positioning and hook orientation for the ultimate wacky presentations.