Hamp Rowland Wins CATT Lake Murray, SC Open June 24, 2023


Guys we’ve had some great crowds the past few weeks. We will do it again in June 2024.

Jeff is planning to run a couple of Opens at Dreher Aug 5 and Aug 19th! These will be pay at the ramp only $80 plus $25 & $50 Side Pot! Weigh in time will be 1 pm!  These are not CATT events!

Hamp Rowland weighed in 5 bass at 23.07 lbs taking 1st Place and $1,350.00!

Tim Jones & Sterling Banks claimed 2nd with 21.35 lbs Plus the Academy BF at 6.44 lbs! They received $1,025.00!

Mark Krengel 3rd with 20.81 Lbs and the 2nd BF at 53.90 lbs!

CJ Freeman & Scott Farmer 4th with 19.20 lbs!

Todd & Gibson Huntley 5th Place 18.66 lbs!

Hamp Rowland5.7223.07$1,350.00
Tim Jones – Sterling Banks 6.4421.35$1,025.00
Mark Krengel5.9020.81$375.00
Scott Farmer – CJ Freeman0.0019.20$125.00
Todd Huntley – Gibson Huntley0.0018.66$100.00
Bud Moss – John-Andrews Moss5.0418.59
John Ray – Colton Parrott0.0018.40
Tyson Alvanos4.0017.84
Bobby White – Trace White0.0017.10
Wesley Sandifer – Jake Wright0.0016.44
Chad Hastings – Peyton Frick0.0016.40
Brendon Stacy0.0015.50
Ben Lattimore – Roger Hamrick0.0014.72
Bill Rogers – Chase Rogers4.3714.45
Billy Rochester – Jonthan Crossland0.0013.88
Jeff Woods – Joey Miller0.0011.84
Tony Talford4.396.53
Bill Faulks – Dustin Hueble0.000.00
Dave & Gunnar Franklin0.000.00
Jeremey Medlock – Tommie Cockran0.000.00
Hasten Mullinax0.000.00
Gage Spagnola – Jeremiah Jensen0.000.00
Johnny Mayer – Scott Roton0.000.00
Ronnie Mueller – Wayne Frierson0.000.00
Winston Husband0.000.00