Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight Win CATT Badin Lake, NC Oct 14, 2023


Next up is the Yadkin Fall Final Nov 11 on High Rock Lake!

Chad Poteat & Maurice Freeze win the Yadkin Fall Points and receive $500.00!

RM Parker & Corey Gibson finish 2nd in the Points and will receive Free Entry at the Final!

Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight weighed in 5 bass at 19.60 lbs taking 1st Place b& $922.00!

John Kistler & Rusty Melton 2nd with 15.81 lbs PLUS the BF at 4.83 lbs!

Derek Crumbley – Calvin McCaskill 3rd with 13.79 lbs!

RM Parker & Corey Gibson 4th 13.46 lbs!

Shawn Knight – Ron Wolfarth4.7519.60$922.00110
John Kistler – Rusty Melton4.8315.81$573.00109
Derek Crumbley – Calvin McCaskill4.3413.79$200.00108
RM Parker – Corey Gibson0.0013.46$100.00107
Chad Coley – Micah Speights0.0012.30106
Zach Scelsi – Kris Scelis3.5912.30105
Dean Robertson – Danny Nifong0.0011.93104
Ronnie Smith – Jackie Reily4.0311.90103
Robin Collins – Ronnie White3.4511.52102
Austin Garland – Mike Smith0.0011.37101
Lee Williams – Gavin Williams0.0010.94100
Mark Mohler – Greham Bosch3.0810.9299
Mike Allen0.0010.4898
Jacob Bridges – Brad Younts0.0010.1197
Brendon Yeckley – Alston Presson0.009.3896
Kevin Stowell Sr – Dakota Harvey0.008.8295
Chad Poteat – Maurice Freeze0.005.2494
Chris Passmore – Michael Gauldin0.003.5793
Billy Marshall – Alan McKinney0.000.0083
Duke Dennison – Bobby Cline0.000.0083
Tony Stafford – Josh Stafford0.000.0083
Alan Griffin0.000.0083
Total Entrys$1,760.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,795.00
2023 Yadkin Fall Final Fund$340.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$1,930.00