Russell Hoyle & Seth Harrill Win CATT Lake Norman, NC Oct 28, 2023


Next up is Nov 11 at Pinnacle Access! Affordable entry fees with no membership! Come join us!

 $30 per person entry – Optional $50 & $25 Side Pot!

Remember guys you can be eligible to enter the 2023 Phantom Outdoors Classic on Lake Norman December 1-2. 2023 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place! (With 100 Teams entered) Not only will Lake Norman teams be fishing but teams from SC, NC & VA CATT Trails are coming! 2022 Phantom Winners took home $14,000.00! See pic below! Tap this link for more info! 2023 Phantom Outdoors Classic – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

Seth Harrill & Russell Hoyle weighed up 12.08 lbs on Lake Norman last Saturday securing 1st Place and $1,10.00!

Russell Hoyle – Seth Harrill3.0512.08$1,100.00
T. J. Rumpf4.1111.09$450.00
Braydon & Jason4.0110.15$150.00
Tom Branhill – Luke Bramhill3.0310.12$100.00
John Harris – Doug Grof0.0010.04
Matt Blankinship0.009.07
Doug Deesch – Josh Cannon0.009.05
Jerry Craig – Mark Connelly2.029.05
John Elliott – Dennis Elliott2.018.06
Jon M – Chayd Freeze0.007.15
Jarrett Freeze2.106.02
Mitch Burgin0.004.01
Chris Passmore – Mike Gauldin0.000.00
Bae Simalayvong – Timothy Yang0.000.00
Ryan Coker0.000.00
Manning Gregory0.000.00
Joel Marcotte0.000.00
Ethan Smith – Alex Van Dyke0.000.00
Logan & Ronnie0.000.00
Mike Spah – Dean Lyons0.000.00
Patrick & Patrick Marshall0.000.00
Banner Gatz0.000.00
Ethan H – Conner Harris0.000.00
Jake Schell – Eric Parker0.000.00
Russell McLean – Will Johnson0.000.00
Shane Sharper – Wendcell Ireland0.000.00
Layton Williams – Colden Little0.000.00
Jacob Webb0.000.00
Troy Shook0.000.00
Deek Lilley – Eric B0.000.00